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I started to design websites around the millenium, mainly to be able to continue my education as a professional musician at Jazzstudio and later gave it up when I got my degree, in favour of artistic work.

Now that the crisis is hitting the cultural sector hard, and more and more concert venues are closing their doors or only booking top 40 artists, I decided to revisit this skill a few years back, just to be safe.

I quickly realized that the game had changed completely and that it doesn’t make sense anymore to build a website up from scratch. There are numerous platforms available that provide a developer with packages that are stable and have high security against hackers. But even more importantly they are designed so that it’s easy to expand; a blog can become a webshop, a band site can become a blog.

Anything is possible and flexibility is the key to the web 2.0 experience in my opinion. New technologies are invented everyday, and with these platforms, they can be integrated seamlessly whenever the need arises.

In short, I’m very excited about this developement and the ability to build high quality websites without the high price tag.

These are some of websites that I’ve worked on lately:

  • Baronnesso.com – webshop/blog
  • Artistiekanvers – hairdresser
  • Georgios.be – religious
  • Melike.be – singer
  • Gipsyska.com – band